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Oct - November 2008 Concurrency Update


I've been meaning to get this up for a while now and I finally got around to it. I'm sure we all expected a nice jump with the release of Wrath, and true to form, we are not disappointed.

I have calculated the concurrency numbers provided by the CensusPlus UI Addon.

The release of Wrath of the Lich King was expected to make a big impact on player numbers, and sure enough, it did. For the first time ever, the numbers through the CensusPlus mod show an average primetime player count of over half a million players for US realms. EU realms were way up and I wonder if we had better coverage, if the overall numbers would not have broken 1 million average concurrent players.

With the expansion, watching player action in regards to Death Knights was of major interest. A full month after release, nearly 20% of all active characters are Death Knights. This holds true for pretty much each server ruleset type and location. One minor difference is that Horde seemed to gravitate to DK's slightly more than Alliance, which isn't very surprising given their more 'Horde-like' qualities. One thing to notice is that if you restrict the level display to 75-80, you get much fewer DK's showing up, possibly meaning that many fewer are planning to stick with DK in the long run.

With regard to leveling, most everyone can agree that leveling is not difficult in Wrath and thus it is not surprising that a large number of characters are already level 80.

We continue to be light on submissions for several realms so help is greatly appreciated! Even 1 person can make a significant contribution, and all help is appreciated. To see if your realms is one of the less covered, check out the Most Wanted page!

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uigrad says:
December 18,2008 at 11:10
Thanks for getting these up again Rollie.

How are the concurrency numbers calculated? Is it the average of all completed censuses within the month? Or, do you calculate the average for each hour during the month, and then average them together (giving each hour an equal share in the final total)?

Also, I don't suppose you have the first half of the month (before the expansion) numbers separate from the second half. If you do, I'd be interested in seeing them, even if it was just a total.

Lastly, what is the most popular class for DKs? I would assume it is Orc, but I've been wrong about such assumptions before. I've also noticed that female DKs seem to be rather rare. :)
Rollie says:
December 18,2008 at 11:35
The concurrency numbers are calculated by averaging all the scan results that are taken during PRIMETIME per server as that is the expected peak time frame.

I could probably come up with numbers for pre, and post release in November, I'll try to poke around at it later today.

Blood Elves and Humans are the most prolific DKs:

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