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September and October 2008 drawings


Well, things have been pretty hectic around here, and before you know it, I'm not only behind on my drawings, but behind by 2!

So this time around, I assigned tickets for submissions in August and then drew 2 numbers. I then assigned tickets for submissions in September and drew 2 more numbers. So what we have are 4 winning tickets, 2 from August submissions and 2 from September submissions.

As usual, you must claim your ticket to win the prize! PM me on the forums or email me, rollie (at)

Good luck!
Balgair says:
October 13,2008 at 12:9
Nowhere near any of them :) Good luck everyone!
Thortok2000 says:
October 13,2008 at 22:55
So close! 1844, 6124, 8261, and 10578 (ouch).
traggarth says:
October 14,2008 at 1:44
gratz on whoever won.

was close on one ticket:-(
xpolockx says:
October 14,2008 at 3:43
So close on 3 out of the 4, but once again I've failed myself. :P
DM. says:
October 14,2008 at 8:22
Not even close here.. Good luck to all !
Djambo says:
October 14,2008 at 9:21
Missed one by 5, the rest by 30+. Good luck to the rest!
120167gino says:
October 15,2008 at 17:1

I got 1983
cfrbatt says:
October 23,2008 at 17:15
Woot :D

I got 8313

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