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August 2009 Drawing


Wow, what a slack I am. I have not done a drawing in 3 months, that's a first!

Sooo, I finally did get around to doing a drawing. An unprecedented triple drawing! I've drawn 6 numbers and will give away a $75 Amazon gift cerfiticate to each winner.

Don't forget, drawings also include tickets for Warhammer submissions. So if you haven't been logging in when submitting Warhammer data, be sure to do so in the future!

I have already assigned ticket numbers for this period and done the drawing. Here are the winning numbers!

Now, I already know who the winners are, and in fact we have a winner from the past drawing in this month's winner list as well. Typically I do not allow people to win in back to back drawings, but that's when I was doing them monthly. Since I've slacked and not gotten the drawings done in the past 2 months, I am going to waive it at this time and anytime when I don't get a drawing done in each month. At least until noted otherwise!

As usual, you must claim your ticket to win the prize! PM me on the forums or email me, rollie (at)

Good luck!
Hybuir says:
August 4,2009 at 8:44
No dice here. Good luck to everyone!
Balgair says:
August 5,2009 at 7:55
Miles off on all of them - good luck everyone else! :)
1974ER says:
August 5,2009 at 9:44
I am the happy owner of ticket 5317. :D

And... also the person Rollie was referring to...

However, considering that I got a mindboggling 1848 tickets, it was semi-inevitable that I might win as those 1848 tickets make out almost 10% of all tickets that went out (19057).
Balgair says:
August 5,2009 at 10:1
Congrats! On both the win and the number of tickets, that's pretty insane, nice one :)
Eyeball-Dragonmaw says:
August 5,2009 at 11:11
No winner here.


It doesn't matter how many tickets you have. I think your odds are still the same. You could have 5 million tickets, and someone else have 1, and they could win. It is just like a raffle. You can buy 100 tickets, and it probably does increase your odds, but the other 100 tickets they sold each ticket is still a 1/200 chance of winning.

That process can be frustrating on the high contributors end when someone else wins with one or two drawing tickets, but exciting for them to win which could make them submit more.
1974ER says:
August 5,2009 at 13:47
Hehe... To be honest probability math was never my strongest point.. but I am going to point something out:

This is not like tossing a coin. :D Why? Because each ticket is only available once.

Let's say I have 1 ticket and you 4 999 999 tickets (and noone else has any). Rollie rolls once. You win. I now have 1 ticket and you still have 4 999 998 tickets. Now for the second roll, my probability of winning is still ridiculously small... but... my odds are slightly better. They have gone up from 1 in 5 000 000 to 1 in 4 999 999. Let's continue... Rollie has rolled 4 999 998 times and you have won all of them. Now, for the 4 999 999th roll: We both have 1 ticket and 50% chance to win. :D

Second case: Let's say by some stroke of ligthning, I win on the first roll. You now have 100% chance to win all the rest as I have no tickets left. :D

With a coin... I could toss one 100 times... and end up with 100 heads. Every time I toss one... the odds are the same 50:50. Each individual toss has the same odds, but the probability of getting 100 heads is not 50%. :D
gmmmpresser says:
August 5,2009 at 17:18
Oh....just take your prize and stop trying to impress us with your gaming and maths skills! ;)
Eyeball-Dragonmaw says:
August 5,2009 at 19:32
All I know is my 200 tickets didn't even put a dent in the 19k tickets. Actually it makes me want to buy a wow account just for better numbers. I literally run census for 8 hrs every day on one computer for WAR, and in 3 months I earn 200 tickets.....just makes you a sad panda.
Hybuir says:
August 5,2009 at 22:8
Kosh says:
August 6,2009 at 19:24
Congrats to the winners! No winning tickets for me, unless Rollie is dyslexic. :p
Forthepie says:
August 7,2009 at 19:41 winner, but I submit because it's the right thing to do.
EpikPhailure says:
November 8,2009 at 7:44
Ummm are we due for another drawing?
Rollie says:
November 15,2009 at 10:55
Yes, we are very due =/
Rollie says:
February 3,2010 at 22:42
Okay, winner people, please email me, sending these out this week!

rollie (at)

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