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Battleground Displays Updated for level 80


So I finally got around to updating the Battleground pages to reflect the level 80 versions. I still need to add in the Strand of the Ancients. Part of updating for Strand is knowing the translations for Strand of the Ancients. If you happen to know the French, German, or Spanish translations for Strand of the Ancients, please let me know!

UPDATE: Strand of the Ancients has been added to the display and is now viewable!

Level 80 Strand of the Ancients
fantom1979 says:
January 9,2009 at 15:30
Good news... looking forward to the SOTA addition. Thanks
Dromic says:
January 9,2009 at 23:56
Ruff translations are

Rive des Ancients

Strang der Menschen des Altertums

Filamento de los Ancients
ZergRael says:
January 26,2009 at 23:38
Dude, french is : Rivage des Anciens

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