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Concurrency Numbers updated through February 2009


I have calculated the concurrency numbers through February 2008 provided by the CensusPlus UI Addon.

For the first time in our history we show an average primetime population topping 1 million concurrent players. It happened in January which is attributable to Christmas sales of new games and renewed subscriptions.

January had the spike to over 1 million concurrent players and we see that February is already dropping off, which is more dramatic than we have seen the past two years.

Deathknights still dominate the highest played class on Horde side, and are neck in neck with Paladins for the Alliance. Of interesting note is to see how Rogue numbers are continuing to decline which is such a sharp contrast to their once being one of the most numerous classes. Among level 80s, only warlocks are fewer than rogues at this point, and not by much.

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txsebas says:
January 19,2012 at 10:15
Rollie, do you have an update on the concurrency numbers? We are wondering how WoW is trending and where it's going. Thanks!

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