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January 2009 Drawing


I have assigned and drawn numbers for th January drawing!

I will be giving away 3 $75 Amazon gift certificates.

As usual, you must claim your ticket to win the prize! PM me on the forums or email me, rollie (at)

Good luck!
xpolockx says:
January 8,2009 at 21:25
No luck for me, as usual...

If I wasn't such an eternal optimist I'd get pretty depressed about never winning :P

Haha. Good luck everyone! 8)
Teta says:
January 9,2009 at 3:29
No luck for me either...
But I\'m not giving up!
gl everyone and gz to the winners.
Dromic says:
January 10,2009 at 23:22
I almost fell over when look at the numbers and checked the over and over. Not won anything for over 20 years.

ZhenJi says:
January 12,2009 at 6:50
Good luck boys and girls!
Dromic does that mean you got a winning ticket? :) if so congrats!!

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