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May 2009 Drawing


I did not do a drawing for April, so we'll again do a double drawing for May. We'll draw 4 numbers and give away 4 $75 Amazon gift certificates!

In addition, this drawing also includes tickets for Warhammer submissions. So if you haven't been logging in when submitting Warhammer data, be sure to do so in the future!

I have already assigned ticket numbers for this period and will log in and do the drawing when servers come up today!

EDIT: And the numbers are in!

As usual, you must claim your ticket to win the prize! PM me on the forums or email me, rollie (at)

Good luck!
Rollie says:
May 15,2009 at 15:24
Numbers have been drawn, see above!
Hybuir says:
June 18,2009 at 12:19
did no one see this?
Kosh says:
June 18,2009 at 21:57
Well, I did, but... close, but no cigar.

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