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WAR Census updated for patch 1.2, Choppa and Slayer added


You can download from warcraftrealms:

Or from Curse:

This version is an update to support patch 1.2 which had a couple of changes that outright broke the last version. It also provides support for the Choppa and Slayer careers!

As always, please let me know on the forums if you run into any problems!
Dromic says:
March 4,2009 at 12:19
Odd rollie WAR is still not allow new census to get numbers.
Rollie says:
March 4,2009 at 12:25
You installed the new version and it is now working?

Did you have the game open when you installed the new version?
Dromic says:
March 4,2009 at 12:42
Found the problem curse gave me the old version not the new one. Will try again since know curse can be slow getting updated projects.
Rollie says:
March 4,2009 at 12:46
Here, you can also get it here:
Dromic says:
March 4,2009 at 13:14
Thx rollie that worked and could not find any problems. Uploaded 1st .5 data just a few moments ago. :D
Eyeball-Dragonmaw says:
March 4,2009 at 16:38
Downloaded new version. I will start testing it when servers come back online today.
Dromic says:
March 14,2009 at 1:3
Oh rollie just a fast question. Since Warhammer Online uploads now count will we see them on our WR profile in the near future also. Just be nice to see how well we are doing.

This page using your account as example:

Thanks for your time Rollie.
Rollie says:
March 14,2009 at 10:12
Yeah, I am hesitant to integrate too deeply into WarcraftRealms if I am just going to rip it all out eventually on it's own Warhammer domain. I am still a bit torn on this one. I would like to be able to leverage the site for both games, but the domain WarcraftRealms could turn away other game players. Not to mention, it could be good to let each brand sink or swim on it's own accord (ie, Warhammer, Warcraft, etc).

Of course, I could fold them all into a generic domain name (Azzor anyone?), but I am even more hesitant to make a move like that.
Dromic says:
March 14,2009 at 18:7
Good points Rollie since these games will not be around forever (even wow). And rolling into the new site would be bad idea since it can change as the MMOs change over the years to come. [b:fc50929c31][/b:fc50929c31] would be a way to attract only the Warhammer Online players also. Now that could be a site to cover both WAR and the upcoming Warhammer 40k MMO (if it does launch in the coming years).
Eyeball-Dragonmaw says:
March 15,2009 at 23:37
If you want to do multiple games why not just create a versatile website name like,,, or something....that way every time a new MMO comes out you can just add it, and not confuse anyone.

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