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Census 4.2.2 Ninja released


Okay, so why am I calling it Ninja? Because I didn't actually change the revision number on CensusPlus.

This minor update updates the TOC and also adds a couple of small fixes.

Please post in the forums if you have any problems with this version!


UPDATE: Link fixed!
Septarius says:
February 4,2010 at 1:52
I'm sorry, there has been an error or the page you are trying to view does not exist.

You were referred here via

The page you were requesting was /home/wrlogin/public_html/censusmod/

The link doesn't seem to work. Did I do something wrong?
Rollie says:
February 4,2010 at 8:59
Oops! :oops: :oops:

Link fixed!
FuxieDK says:
February 4,2010 at 12:31
Is it the same as the one on Curse? It have today as date..
Rollie says:
February 4,2010 at 16:4
Yes it is
FuxieDK says:
February 4,2010 at 17:17
Super :)
Aquatic Elf says:
February 5,2010 at 17:15
I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I'm getting a Lua error: [url=]CensusPlus-30300-4.2.2 (3.3.0) - Lua Error[/url]

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