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February 2010 Drawing


As many of the regulars and forum trollers are aware, I've been completely snowed under since around August. Months came and went and I never got another drawing done. Well, that all changes tonight!

The drawing I did for tonight is for months August - January. I have drawn 5 numbers and will give away a $100 Amazon gift certificate to each winner.

I have already assigned ticket numbers for this period and done the drawing. Here are the winning numbers!

As usual, you must claim your ticket to win the prize! PM me on the forums or email me, rollie (at)

Good luck!
Septarius says:
February 4,2010 at 1:50
2530. So close yet so far away :(. Oh well I do it for the fact that our server doesn't have enough updates. Now if only someone on the Alliance side of Maiev would submit more it could be accurate
gmmmpresser says:
February 4,2010 at 17:22
14906 - That's me.... ;) :)
1974ER says:
February 4,2010 at 23:55
Despite a rather mindboggling amount of 2947 tickets, I did not win this time. But I don't mind. :D Lots of nice data even so. Congratulations to gmmmpresser and the other winners!
Hybuir says:
February 7,2010 at 23:29
I didn't get a winner, glad to see they're back up tho... and $100 is a big incentive! :)
Balgair says:
February 8,2010 at 9:36
No winner here but congrats to those who did win!
EnterpriseSH says:
April 9,2010 at 16:1
Oh damn, so close on several numbers..

Was hoping for some prices this time, oh well. Gz winners!

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