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January 2010 Player Activity Numbers


It has been a while, but I have finally updated the Player Activity Charts.

I have calculated the concurrency numbers through January 2010 provided by the CensusPlus UI Addon.

The continued decline, with the boost around the Christmas holidays is pretty much as expected going by previous annual trends. I doubt we'll see much deviation from prior annual reporting until something major such as a new viable MMO release, or when the Cataclysm expansion is released.

We continue to be light on submissions for several realms so help is greatly appreciated! Even 1 person can make a significant contribution, and all help is appreciated. To see if your realms is one of the less covered, check out the Most Wanted page!

And of course, just by submitting, you can win great prizes such as Amazon gift certificates! It's easy to do, it helps the site and it can be profitable to you! So help by submitting data today!
Taemojitsu says:
February 4,2010 at 10:6
Thank you as always, <3

A lot of people have played this game. I do think it's interesting how [url][/url] shows active players at lvl 70, since I don't know when. Despite lack of the expansion, the game is still going strong just like WoW's first expansion was delayed there. I think, this not being quite on topic, this is what may have lead to the lack of popularity of similar games like Aion, especially if the trend at the level cap is for the community to be friendly and PUG high-end instances to allow a level playing field of gear. [url=]Random profile[/url], first active profile checked, has Warglaive of Azzinoth offhand...

The site revision looks good I think.

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