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May 2010 Drawing


It is time for a new drawing!

This month, I will be drawing 5 numbers for updates from February, March, and April.

In addition to our regular $75 Amazon gift certificate, winners will also be mailed a copy of The Guild Leader's Handbook. You can read the press release here.

No Start Press has been generous enough to send me a few copies of this excellent book to give away in our drawings.

I will get the drawing done here shortly but numbers have already been assigned.

Winning tickets have been drawn! Check your tickets and claim your prize!

As usual, you must claim your ticket to win the prize! PM me on the forums or email me, rollie (at)

Good luck!
TwiZt says:
May 12,2010 at 14:5
/pokes Rollie's dice :P
Dameon says:
May 13,2010 at 11:10
He hasn't finished reading the book yet. Give him time. lol J/K
Kosh says:
May 21,2010 at 17:26
Kosh wonders in. [i:3e355d20d2]Hmm, maybe the RNG got stuck....[/i:3e355d20d2]
*kicks RNG*
[color=red:3e355d20d2]CRASH![/color:3e355d20d2] (sounds of breaking glass, etc.)

[i:3e355d20d2]That shouldn't have happened...[/i:3e355d20d2] (notices that image server isn't working)

Oh, um, perhaps we need to wait for Rollie.
*exits quickly, hoping nobody saw anything*

:p ;)
Rollie says:
May 21,2010 at 20:56
ya ya!

fixing darn img srver too
Rollie says:
May 21,2010 at 21:29
Tickets drawn! Did it in Warhammer this month! Had to smudge out the gold seller spam =/

Contact me to claim yer prize!
Kosh says:
May 21,2010 at 22:24
Darn, no winning tickets (unless Rollie is dyslexic ;) ). Congrats to whoever [i:68d422422d]does[/i:68d422422d] win! :)
Hybuir says:
May 25,2010 at 9:15
no luck here
Wolfnettle says:
May 25,2010 at 11:14
Its not me, Boohoo!

Good luck to the rest of you...............
Caladein says:
June 3,2010 at 14:7
Has Rollie gotten back to anyone about claiming their prizes? :?
Rollie says:
June 3,2010 at 14:9
Cala, check your PMs please!
Galerant says:
June 23,2010 at 5:10
Hey, Rollie? Did you notice that on that fourth roll, you rolled on the wrong range? You rolled on 13082, not on 13802.

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