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CensusPlus V6.1.0f is at - required update


WoW patch 5.4.1 broke a number of addons and even Blizzards own code.
This code isn't as tested as I wished.. report any bugs in the addon bug forum

[b:e0138bd671]6.1.0f[/b:e0138bd671] - 10/29/2013
- updated forced by WoW 5.4.1 dropping support for Cvar("RealmName")
- Guild data and Character display is working now.
- data displayed when 'Show Chars' changes based upon the other selectors you choose.
- In game display can now handle up to 15 'Connected member realms', I hope to revert to something smaller depending on Blizzards final disposition of realms.

- Guild display requires special consideration.
Guilds only display when a realm is selected (realm name turns YELLOW) [this is consistent if single realm or connected realms.]
Once a guild is selected as a limiter for display, data displayed is based upon the Guild's home realm not the standard realm.
(see Caveat below)

[b:e0138bd671]Known Caveats[/b:e0138bd671]
CensusPlus /prune works on single realms only.. if done on a Connected realm member (your log in realm), you probably want to log in on the other member realms to prune the whole Connected realm back.

CensusPlus /serverprune (prune all but my current realm) still works in single realm mode.. if you do this on a Connected realm all other members will be pruned, something you probably don't mean to do.

Display of guilds across the Connected realm set doesn't work at this time. To properly display guilds where the guild name can be duplicated requires a display of Guild and Guild's realm. The underlying graphics for CensusPlus needs a major overhaul to make this happen.. future plans.

Once a guild has been selected as a display limiter, you need to either deselect the guild or reset the realm selector back to unselected (i.e. all realm names are white) or your guild window will go blank.[b:e0138bd671][/b:e0138bd671]

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