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CensusPlus V6.1.0h is at 5-Nov-2013


CensusPlus version 6.1.0 H escaped today into the wilds of Curseforge.

This version fixes a couple of issues..

1) /census Prune and /census serverprune now work again.
On single realms both options work as they have for some time.
On "Connected Realms" all members of the set are treated the same, so a /census prune 10 will removed all characters last seen more then 10 days ago on all realms in the Connected realms set (same faction).
/census serverprune 10 will remove all characters last seen more then 10 days ago on all realms EXCEPT the member realms of the current "Connected Realms".

2) after some testing I discovered that certain changes in the upload processing on the website hadn't correctly been implemented (something I had expected and notified Metalbeast about.) I've found a way to modify the addon to work around this issue which blocked processing of the ["TimesPlus"] portion of the uploaded data.

You may (or may not) have noticed that some of the realms now show submission data...and those same realms also now show some activity graph output.

This is only a work around, while it fixes this problem another problem concerning GuildRealms must be fixed in the upload processing... and maybe even a set of mass database updates.
This is due to the fact that Character realm no longer MUST equal Guild realm.

I have also updated the Localization function at CurseForge [url][/url]
It is my hope that people with much better language skills then I will assist by providing updates for the translations of the various languages supported by Blizzard. At this time only the Korean language has been mostly updated (because the translator discovered the page at CurseForge some time ago) {I hadn't announced the page since I knew I had a lot more work to do on the addon}

I will collect the translations for use in the next major release of CensusPlus at some to be determined date.
Balgair says:
November 5,2013 at 20:24
Wow, nice work, especially nice getting that workaround in to make the submissions data work again, guess it's time to get down to some serious whack-a-mole on the zeroes :D
1974ER says:
November 6,2013 at 1:24
Very, very nice. Thank you once again! I actually "lagged behind" a bit, just swapped from F! to H. :D Due to time zone gap, I actually made one last F submission a little while ago before I read this, next one will be H. Hopefully that will start wiping some 0s out of the list. :)

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