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Major Blizzard problem with WoW 5.4.1


From Blizzard/WoW/US/UI and Macro forum:

[quote:e815ada180]As of 5.4.1 BLizzard has added a call to the secure function C_StorePublic.IsDisabledByParentalControls() into their UpdateMicroButtons() function. Because UpdateMicroButtons is called during the OnShow and OnHide events of over 30 frames, anything that touches those frames will cause taint errors. This includes adding addon options to the interface panel.[/quote:e815ada180]

Doing a query to the server for /Who Triggers one of the 30 frames mentioned above.

At this time [b:e815ada180]there is only one work around[/b:e815ada180] for this problem...
Oddly enough Trial accounts are explicitly excluded from the Store features :roll:

This unannounced change is impacting a lot of addons.
bringoutyourdead says:
November 1,2013 at 14:6
Still no real solution for the problem caused by Blizzards latest code actions.

However one of the World of Warcraft "UI and Macros" forum MVP has come up with a possible work around. It doesn't actually fix anything but it does hide the error message popup so game action isn't impacted by this message.

The problem with this work around is that we don't have any real clue what "BAD" things will happen due to interactions with default UI and other addons. The consensus at this time is this is the least harmful option we have for now.

Initial Beta testing (in EU land) shows the fix to apparently work. Blizzard will still toss the errors and any error catcher you might have like !SWATTER or BUGGRABBER will capture the errors.. but the popups will be gone.

The good interactions with other addons is that having this workaround invoked by any addon fixes things for all other addons... and if multiple addons have the fix.. that isn't a problem.

Expect a release V6.1.0g later today.
esiemiat says:
November 4,2013 at 15:39
I see you quoted my post. Very cool. I have a contact at Blizzard who said this issue has been forwarded to the PCUI team and should be something they will fix.

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