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Census information display ..prep for Battle for Azeroth


I will be working on the Census display page to get it ready for the following changes:
level -> 120
addition of the four new allied races.. two of which should start showing up in just a few days.. the other two will be place holders until Blizzard activates them.. and then they should just start populating as CensusPlus discovers them.

Since I do not have access to a test site environment, I need to test these changes on the live site.
Which means Census.php may start showing screwed up results until I dial in all the changes
I hope to have everything done today... but reality says I will not really know until after we start getting census data from post expansion census runs.
bringoutyourdead says:
August 14,2018 at 14:23
The first Mag'har Orc and Dark Iron Dwarf characters appeared today in the database at level 120.
The Zandalari Trolls and Kul Tiran Human are still resisting my efforts to count them..

Yup bogus test data, which shows the site can now accept and process these races and the new levels.
Character history query has been updated so the characters can be displayed.

The Census Page is still a work in progress.
bringoutyourdead says:
August 14,2018 at 16:10
And the Census Page now displays the first two allied races. :lol: :D :D

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