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Surprise new races active today.. and we are not prepared!


I am shutting down submission acceptance for a day or so.

When the new version of CensusPlus is released it will require a mandatory update process.
Your local database will be purged.

This all suggests that you stop using CensusPlus for now as the data will not be valid due to the common naming issues for new and old races.
FuxieDK says:
January 31,2018 at 13:45
Damn... Have run so many census :(

But I thhe the logic in the process..
bringoutyourdead says:
February 1,2018 at 12:18
US and EU testing went reasonably well last night.
There were some issues found and missing translations (female name forms) were mostly found and verified.
bringoutyourdead says:
February 1,2018 at 16:28
Translations (Fr,De,Es,It,Pt) seem to all be coded.
Addon processing verified, optimized.. and then optimizations removed... :?
Unlike the redundant class processing that was optimized out of the census run,
race optimization is not possible due to the different class availability for the name matched races.

CensusPlus includes the code for Allied races number five and six... but will not display those races until they go active. A DeathKnight icon is used as a temporary placeholder for the two race icons.

Final release candidate code going to US and EU testers for over night checks.
Captured data file going to Metalbeast later this afternoon so he can start checking the changes for the website.

Addon will be released (tomorrow?) so you can start new Census runs... but submissions will remain locked until Metalbeast is ready for the upload of new data.
bringoutyourdead says:
February 1,2018 at 19:29
race optimization is not possible due to the different class availability for the name matched races.[/quote:29d49b5369]

And then there are times I am an overly tired idiot.
optimization put back in and sent to the testers.
bringoutyourdead says:
February 2,2018 at 15:3
Ditto what I said in last post... about being an idiot.
Typo that stopped testing, fix and new test version sent to testers.

Oh and I was right about the different classes for matching name races...
assuming I meant Night Elf vs Void Elf.
Apparently Night Elf Druids who go to the shadow side.. become warlocks? :lol:

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