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Upload of data enabled for everyone


With 78 of 79 test uploads processing completely without error.....

Users in the Americas.. upload is fully available.. go for it.

Users in EU.. upload is almost fully available..
unless you use the Italian language client...
some of the race names using the Italian translations are being rejected.

If you are sure you don't have Italian translations enabled (or don't care)
uploads are fully available.
otherwise .. wait and watch for another announcement.

Users outside of the above two regions...
If you are using Blizzard supported UTF-8 character set languages (other than Italian) you have a go condition also.

Remember languages that use a different encoding set (UTF-16 for example) are not supported at this site for data upload.
bringoutyourdead says:
April 14,2018 at 19:33
All European supported race translations are in (I believe.)

If you have been holding off on unloading due to this problem, please upload a test file or two.

I will check the logs either late Sunday or more probably Monday morning (US, PDT).

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