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Prep for WoW 8.1.5 and the last two allied races (for now)


Since WoW 8.1.0 did not have any changes other than TOC bump, I did not bother changing CensusPlus.

When WoW 8.1.5 goes live we will need to update CensusPlus due to Blizzard making changes to the Kul Tiran.

Site changes have been made:
You will note that current version on upload has been changed.. to allow beta testers to use the new CensusPlus on the live realms.
The actual current version has been downgraded to 'acceptable' until Blizzard pulls the trigger on 8.1.5.

When that will happen is unknown, but not soon.
Considering that, on the PTR, the new Horde race starts frozen in place and not really active on the realm when created.
Which is slightly better then the Kul Tiran who appear to have lost their home zone due to some catastrophe .. 'world server down'

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