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WOW - Minority of One - Sealgair

GuildMinority of One
WarcraftRealms ID25320851
First SeenJan 28, 06
Last SeenFeb 07, 17
Claimed by Balgair
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Still a little surprised this one progressed so far; he's fun, but rather easy-mode. But good to play when I feel like just blasting through stuff quickly, and very much useful when I need to farm things. Although being a hunter does let me in for people thinking I'm a bot/Chinese farmer, which gets very annoying very fast.
Level Guild Date
70 Minority of One Oct 20, 10
70 Unguilded Nov 04, 09
70 Ivory Heart Jun 04, 07
65 Ivory Heart Apr 27, 07
60 Ivory Heart Mar 15, 07
55 Ivory Heart Dec 19, 06
50 Ivory Heart Nov 30, 06
45 Ivory Heart Nov 22, 06
40 Ivory Heart Aug 29, 06
25 Ivory Heart May 11, 06
20 Ivory Heart Apr 07, 06

* Unguilded entries could be bogus due to problems with the World of Warcraft client not always 100% of the time getting guild information from Blizzard's servers.

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