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Korwynd says:
Jun 22, 14 07:51
Bank guild. All characters in guild belong to same account.
Korwynd says:
Jun 22, 14 07:44
Bank guild. All characters in guild belong to same account.
Korwynd says:
Jun 22, 14 07:41
Bank guild. All characters in guild belong to same account.
Soyoen says:
Jun 14, 14 11:00
Updated list; Children of the moon Taskforce Tranquill Evolus Amberlight Purosety Consensio Fatalus Equilibrize Fatalus II Brash Batman took my virginity Pandemonium "Some fatalus 3 variant" "Another pvp random silly guild text" Equilibrize reincarnation (wotlk) ... Unguilded 2-3 guilds missing due to bad memory / lack of screens
1974ER says:
Jun 08, 14 11:20
Note to self: 67 months. I am a little late, but that does not matter, as today's only file so far is still unprocessed. Total new ones 4,380,292 Total updates 23,123,453
1974ER says:
May 21, 14 15:27
Note to self: 23M updates exceeded, now at 23,001,841. :D
1974ER says:
May 08, 14 10:18
Note to self: 66 months. Technical issues continue and I am a little late, but... Total new ones 4,291,273 Total updates 22,878,567
1974ER says:
May 02, 14 05:33
Level 90 was actually reached on May 01, not 02.
miange says:
Apr 17, 14 05:12
How can I update my caracter and my guild plz ?
miange says:
Apr 17, 14 05:11
How can I update my caracter plz ?
1974ER says:
Apr 08, 14 00:58
Note to self: 65 months. I skipped last month on purpose due to the technical issues. Total new ones 4,149,119 Total updates 22,590,506
tmtmaster4life says:
Apr 04, 14 04:11
Hi everyone, as of the date of this post I am brand new to the uploading and analyzing of the website. So if you deem yourself experienced give me a shout and hopefully I'll learn a thing or two from you, because I definitely newfounded this website and its addon to be powerful tools that can enhance wow immensely . Sadly it doesn't seem many know about it...
lucb13 says:
Mar 29, 14 07:12
This character does not exist anymore
aovaici says:
Mar 17, 14 16:24
Hey deb if you see this, contact me please. I miss my friend. you can find me at nonymoose @ gmail . com
Balgair says:
Mar 12, 14 14:12
3M new ones reached tonight :)
Darkon says:
Mar 09, 14 15:25
As of 3/9/13, Nokrad can be found at his original home of Bloodhoof. Speaking as a Horde player, Aerie Peak has got to be the suckiest server currently online, and the fact that I waited until today to finally leave that dump is nothing short of a miracle.
Darkon says:
Mar 09, 14 15:21
As of 3/9/14, I am back where I belong!
salem79 says:
Feb 23, 14 13:21
hello, are you by any chance Symrdai Breaz from EQ?
superxdude says:
Feb 19, 14 00:24
1974ER says:
Feb 07, 14 11:05
Note to self: 63 months... Total new ones 4,020,124 Total updates 22,124,381 With one file unprocessed.
1974ER says:
Jan 29, 14 11:54
Note to self: 4M new ones exceeded, now at 4,000,501.
1974ER says:
Jan 29, 14 01:27
Guild level 8 reached today.
Pinpadina says:
Jan 28, 14 22:54
Upcomming guild. All levels, classes are welcome :)
1974ER says:
Jan 26, 14 10:49
Note to self: 22M updates exceeded, now at 22,004,892. :D
PrivateSniper says:
Jan 16, 14 04:30
Now a horde character (currently) on Blade's Edge
PrivateSniper says:
Jan 16, 14 04:29
This character has moved faction and realm, now horde.
1974ER says:
Jan 07, 14 22:10
Note to self: 62 months... Total new ones 3,948,532 Total updates 21,801,898
1974ER says:
Jan 01, 14 07:22
Guild has reached level 4.
Sunnova says:
Dec 23, 13 06:33
Deleted 12/2013
1974ER says:
Dec 21, 13 23:11
3,000,988 new ones, congratulations! :)