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Database stats display some general information about our tracked data that is not displayed elsewhere.

Database Stats
Total character count (11/05/2019 03:38:39 am)85,550,437
Characters seen in the last 7 days52,977
Characters created in the last 7 days13,261
Total guild count7,492,691
Number of Alliance realms updated in the past 48 hours18
Number of Horde realms updated in the past 48 hours24
Total Level 120s (01/23/2020 02:44:27 pm)5,222,837
Character Cached Lookup Records279,807
Character Historical Records279,310,471
Unprocessed uploads0

Last processed file was uploaded on 2020-01-23 04:29:49.
Current server time is 2020-01-23 09:25:29 CST

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