How to fail at uploading.. or how I ended up with E status

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How to fail at uploading.. or how I ended up with E status

Post by bringoutyourdead »

It is well documented that doing basic web uploading via will fail if your CensusPlus.lua data file is about 10MB or larger in size.
(You are probably better off limiting to a max of 8MB just to play safe.)

If you use the alternative UniUploader program to to upload your data you can push larger files up to the website.
I did some testing and have determined that the next failure point is to have your data file contain over 121K character entries.
Which translates to something like greater then 16MB in size.

I am not sure what is the actual failure trigger count.
I know that my failed uploads had about 145K characters, in a 20MB file.
When I did a /census serverprune 30, which removed over 30K characters the resultant 16MB file processed with over 115K characters and discovered that I had found 3208 new characters and had updates for 8758 characters.
The 121K was from my next previous successful upload.

Looking through the processing log (more then a month of data), I have determined the biggest normal uploads peak out at about 70K characters in the files.
Most people have less then 30K characters so we aren't in any danger of hitting the second fail point unless you really try to get to that level.

Thanks to Metalbeast having put us on one of his bigger servers at his ISP business the total processing time was 2m36s.
I don't think Rollie's first servers could have handled that upload at all.. but then I expect the massive amount of RAM on the current server is larger then the disk drives on Rollie's box.

The tech has changed that much in Ten Years.

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