Did someone break the rain spigot?

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Did someone break the rain spigot?

Post by bringoutyourdead »

In only a few weeks we here in the western USA went from multi-year drought to overflowing dams, massive and very wet snow packs on the mountain peaks (our long term summer storage) and flooding every where!

Hmm I wonder if someone will claim this is a result of an Executive Order ..
Whatever.. I am off to Azeroth to kidnap some Murloc children.


Post by Padanfain »

Yeah, definitely a winter to remember. No dams threatened on this side of the Sierra but still a wee bit too much precipitation here also, flooding, mudslides, washed out roads, etc.

No, no, not an Executive Order. Weather has been reported on ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN so .................. Fake News!

Yes, kidnapping Murlocs! I would love to do Have You Ever Seen One of These? in downtown Reno! LOL

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Post by FuxieDK »

Yeah... Another "winter to remember"..

We had an average temperature in January, higher than average temperature in April..
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