I fell off the edge of the WoW world

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I fell off the edge of the WoW world

Post by bringoutyourdead »

After weeks of struggling to keep any interest in the game, I finally decided to step away.. possibly for good.

Last week I informed Metalbeast that I would step down as forum administrator as of the end of this month.

Also I will be stepping back from maintaining the CensusPlus addon.

I will stick around enough to make any needed addon changes over the rest of the summer (and maybe longer.. no promises).
Metalbeast and Rollie will need to identify a new maintainer for the addon.

If you are interested in Lua coding and working with addons within the game of 'World of Warcraft', look at the current version and submit to me some of your changes and thoughts behind the changes.

A good place to start is the mass of procedural code that makes up the options display and selectors. This really should have been done as OOP, which would reduce the number of lines of code by a major factor.

If your work improves the quality of the code while maintaining the integrity of our design goals, I will forward on your work on with my recommendations.

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Post by FuxieDK »

Oh noes :(

You have done an absolutely amazing job, since taking over..
And to see you leave, but nothing good will come from threatning to break your fingers, as you would need them to code anyway. :p

One can only hope, that you're "going through a phase" and will come back to reason.. Although, I it will happen..

Best of luck, mate..
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Post by Balgair »

Oh no :( Thanks for all you've done over the years, keeping this addon and website alive, it would've died long ago without you, and I for one appreciate your contribution a lot!

I have a horrible feeling there is nobody else around who can do anything (I'd love to help but I have NO programming knowledge...), but I hope I'm proven wrong and someone can step forward to take over. Or that perhaps your interest may return in time; we all need breaks from time to time, so maybe some time away may help. But whether you return or not, thanks for keeping us going for so long :)

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