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Longer term data trends

Post by BambisFaline »

I was wondering if there is a longer term data graph available for realms.

For instance, by switching to the weekly graph, I can see the data for a realm going back a year. But is there more available? I'd like to see the population trends over the last few years to see where WoW is going.

That certainly seems to be a popular subject on the WoW forums. WoW is dying! they say.

Well, what does the census say? Certainly the data is limited by what servers are polled and how often, but by checking a realm that has a regular census should be able yield at least some trends.

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

Generating these graphs are very resource intensive, which is why they are not created on demand like much of the other data displayed here.

Also trying to expand the time frame to multiple years causes data display problems as the graphics generation package used doesn't handle that large of data set and display resolution well.

But you can get a sense of what you are looking for by using the Internet archive
just copy the url here on warcraftrealms.com for the display you want to view, and then copy it into the url search box on the archive.org page.
You will see all the days that the wayback-machine spider scanned that URL and can click on any scanned day to see a copy of the page.

Yes World of Warcraft is dying a slow death..
yet at this reduced player activity it is still more active then any other multiple player role game (ever).

And as long as it remains a cash cow for Blizzard it will continue to have expansions.. in spite of it becoming an unruly teenager, or in computer gaming terms an ancient game.

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