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Is it just me who cant see my signatures?

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I know I'm fairly new to the whole census thingy, but I've found a decent system for me.

I'm a severe altoholic, so I've made one new Alliance and one new Horde on mutliple servers, so when I get really bored of my main servers alts, or there's no one online in my guild to talk to, I log onto one of my census alts and do the starting area quests while the census runs. Feeds my altoholism, and gets me updates!!

Now, I don't do this every day, but every two or three or so. I tend to get a lot of "New" entries this way because I don't play on them as often. And I try to remember to at update at least once a day (I don't use UniUploader right now) before I go to bed. Seems to be working fairly well for me. :D

- Sneaky

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Ohhh.. Had a look, and went to the most wanted, and found that I have characters on the right side of some of the servers! moaha! :)
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