Is Killing Fields working?

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Is Killing Fields working?

Post by selsius »

I noticed it's been forever since Killing Fields was updated. Anyone know if it's working correctly before I try it?


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Is Killing Fields working?

Post by kelanth »

Doesn't appear to be. I noticed last night that none of the data I'd uploaded in the past few months appears in the stats so I removed the folder and the files in Saved Variables and put a clean version from the zip file. It appeared to properly create WR_KillingFields.lua, but the data in it was from October for a toon I haven't used in quite a while. No data for the bg and toon I ran today.

I guess they'll get to it when they can.

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Post by Asagi »

I'd recently downloaded it and it says I have a n/a version and won't upload the data.