Wow Classic - A stray thought...

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Wow Classic - A stray thought...

Post by FuxieDK »

Are there any plans to make Census compatible with Classic, when it's released in the summer?
Doing census mainly on Draenor; Raluf - Nimsay - Lusmo - Quixx - Sosyan - Garthog - Trubin - Zalistra - Zesmi and Djaang

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

Yes.. NO.. probably not.. might be possible ..

Far too early for even speculation.

Having said that why not . speculate.

Blizzard first said "No way, not possible.. and then figured out how to at least run the back-end server processes so they could handle multiple version of the game at the same time."

But I expect the front end code on your machine will be different enough that you will have to run a different invocation "classic" to play the old play style game. is in the same boat but with far fewer paddles.
While it might be possible to track player activity on both 'normal' and 'classic' games it would require a lot of programming and software resources.
I would be surprised to hear that Metalbeast was willing to make the time and money investments to make this happen.

Rollie did a lot of work to make WarcraftRealms support both World of Warcraft' and another game that also had "war" in its title {I can not remember off hand which game that was.} And as you can tell by the fact this other game data is missing in action, it is not easy to support two or more different tracks of programming.

So without having a data aggregation website could a separate and unique invocation of CensusPlus exist in the same space as CensusPlusClassic?
Yes.. probably... maybe.

Until we have much more concrete info on how Blizzard will actually implement Classic, there is no way to know how to collect the census data.

Could the existing CensusPlus be forked and modified.. probably.. and maybe not, as it uses mechanism that exist in current World of Warcraft that might not exist in Classic.

Could an old classic version of CensusPlus be revived.. maybe but probably not.. and considering the state of CensusPlus during that period of World of Warcraft development, I am not sure anyone would enjoy using that code.

The earliest version of CensusPlus I was able to find (back when I first started looking at supporting the code) is CensusPlus V4.1.8 which was released with the Fury of the Sunwell patch during the Burning Crusade Expansion.

And looking at the release notes from Rollie, CensusPlus did not really run cleanly until after BC was out.
I remember the frequent pop up of the "Friends" window during game play while CensusPlus was trying to run cleanly in the background.
My character died a few times when that inconvenient action happened.

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Post by Balgair »

I have a 1.12 version of Censusplus, which actually worked very well for me on a private realm, however I got the impression that addons would be more likely to use today's code (with restrictions), in which case modifying the existing addon would be easier. I totally understand if the website requires too much modifications (I can imagine it'd be a complete pain to do!) but I'd love it if, one way or another, the addon could work for personal reference :)

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