Uniupload issues continue

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Uniupload issues continue

Post by bringoutyourdead »

I just sent Metalbeast another email.. this one marked URGENT...
I hope he spots the message and has the time to fix the issue.

(I expect something got changed on the new front end code and, instead of properly passing the uniupload.php request on to Apache, it is trying to server the response from cache.)

It was working so I would expect that Metalbeast should be able to do a quick fix.

And I hope the fix is quick... as more Realms drop into the Red zone.

Normal web uploading works fine... the problem is that you need to keep your CensusPlus.lua data file no larger then about 8MB is size.

Using the /census prune n and /census serverprune n options to remove older data.

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