Let the Mayhem beginng.. but slowly please

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Let the Mayhem beginng.. but slowly please

Post by bringoutyourdead »

Metalbeast sent me this message, "PS I think uploads are stabilized. Do you see anything weird now?"
I've uploaded an 8.8MB and a 5.6MB file... the first took quite some time to process as there were some updates that the site had already seen before. The later was quite fast in processing and both uploads looked like normal uploads.

So with the understanding of the message from Metalbeast this AM (below).
Let the Mayhem begin... but considering the maintenance scheduled for later tonight.
I would like to suggest that you check the db stats page http://www.warcraftrealms.com/dbstats.php and if the number of unprocessed is oh greater then 10,
throttle your uploads to only once per hour

This morning:
"Tomorrow (March 11th maintenance)

1AM - 3AM PST - Server Offline for Flex Image Creation
4AM - 6AM PST - RSync new hard drive with old drive

During these times, the MySQL server will be inaccessible.

I hope this drive will allow quicker access to the large DB files.

Just a heads up,"


{Since the USA just started this years Daylight savings time.. I expect Metalbeast made a minor goof.. and the above times are really PDT which is GMT-7 hours}

Metalbeast is rebuilding part of the database while keeping the website up and live for us.

This means that we are not seeing uploaded data as we normally would.

I would like to recommend that as many of you as possible hold off on uploads for a little while to allow him to get the rebuild done as fast as possible, and to stop potential loss of your upload data.

When it is time to start uploading remember to allow at least 15 minutes between each upload. We don't want to swamp the upload queue all at once.