Failure to translate. CensusPlus

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Failure to translate. CensusPlus

Post by bringoutyourdead »

I've discovered a problem with the WowAce/CurseForge language localization tool.
I hadn't noticed that all my input phrases were being reformatted to all CAPS, and I haven't seen any reasoning behind that decision.
It isn't a requirement of the Lua programming language which IS case sensitive nor a requirement of any Blizzard standards (that I'm aware of).

I still desire to use a standard Localization tool (even if it does something I didn't expect.)
This means I need to rework all of the CensusPlus files to fix this new external standard.
So I have to check every CensusPlus file for all 165 currently translated phrases to make sure they have the correctly capitalized keys.. sigh

I will have a new release that should support the non-English language users in a few days.
This gives users who read and write English and another Blizzard supported language the opportunity to actually provide translations the the addon.
Still looking for German, Italian, Spanish.