CensusPlus v6.3.0>=WoD6.1.2 to Curse today

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CensusPlus v6.3.0>=WoD6.1.2 to Curse today

Post by bringoutyourdead »

New version just sent to Curseforge for acceptance.
This site has been updated to accept data from 6.3.0 and for one week only the older 6.2.2.

This update being a Version N.N (and not n.n.n) will force an automatic purge of your existing data.
If you want that data to get to this site.. upload before running the new CensusPlus.

A missed edge condition allowed saving of other faction characters that high enough level for the game to only display a death's head instead of a level.
Due to how Blizzard is encoding this level it was being stored as level - 1.
On uploading the site would stop processing the file upon hitting the bogus level.

An experiment to encourage esES and itIT language client users to consider helping to translate the default English text to their native languages failed to get any results.
The minimal existing translations were reinstated.