Some help with data collection Please!

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Some help with data collection Please!

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Hello! I am a student and for a math project I have to do a data collection of server population sizes. My topic is to study how the xpacks affected general population sizes of wow (all servers) in the us and in europe. This trend can establish whether or not the xpacks were effective in increasing the popularity of the game.

In order to do this, I need data on estimated or recorded total population sizes of US and Europe realms: in the second month after release, in the middle of the duration between xpacks, and in the last second month before the release of the next xpack. I need this data for all xpacks and including vanilla wow, except for MoP. I have tried to check on the internet but such data proved hard to find. Thus I refered to this forum as this is the site where I found the recent censuses, in the hope that people can at least kindly refer me to the right sites or contacts where i can acquire such data. Any help whatsoever will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time!

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Unless one of my more knowledgeable and longer term colleagues here have bright ideas, you may unfortunately be out of luck. To my personal knowledge, Warcraftrealms is the only existing site that works on the principle used here. Other sites I know of only monitor current population and don't keep historical records of any kind.

Also, many of those sites are more or less directly tied to the Blizzard Armories, meaning that you would have needed to have recorded the data personally during the time periods you mentioned.

We here track the active characters within the past 30 days and as we depend on addon users to submit (and currently, due to site not being fully up to date, being able to submit) data. We have never had 100% coverage, so even if someone was able to scrounge up some figures, they would be low end estimates only.

While we do have an extensive database of characters at our disposal (currently 96,916,762 characters), I can't recall there being a page that would store historical data on total populations.

To be honest, I am not sure if even Blizzard Entertainment has the kind of historical records you appear to be seeking as they give out very little data even on total subscribers accross the globe. In fact, even on the official WoW forums, some information requests have been bluntly shot down, others simply ignored. However, I freely admit that I don't know everything and someone else MIGHT be able to help you. I just don't think it's very likely, sorry.

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