about uploaded census data.

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about uploaded census data.

Post by michiyo »

i have uploaded some scans since a couple of weeks back. but when i look at the server there is still only like 80 characters according to your page.

do you know roughly how long it will take before my uploads gets accepted and processed?

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Post by 1974ER »


As of right now the queue status looks like this:

Last processed file was uploaded on 2013-03-25 12:52:27.
Current server time is 2013-04-04 03:29:45

Unfortunately, it will still a take significant amount of time before the queue finishes processing March. There are other threads related to this on the fora already. At a quick look, your submission for March have gone through alright. You have a submission from yesterday. Before the queue gets there... well, after several setbacks, I hate taking guesses, but at a very minimum, it will still take several days before we get that far.

The current backlog is about 9,5 days... at absolute worst, it was close to 26 days. I can only advice patience and keeping an eye on the fora. Also, please don't give up, we are short on people helping already... Have a nice day!

Epic Censi, signing out for now...


Post by michiyo »

thank you for your reply. now i understand alot more about how it works then what i understood after reading the other threads.

well then ill just keep on uploading now and then :)

thank you again for your answer..


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