New CensusPlus minor update 6.0.1b - Official libwho update

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New CensusPlus minor update 6.0.1b - Official libwho update

Post by bringoutyourdead »

The library got updated last week and is now integrated into CensusPlus.

The update was just sent to curseforge and should show up at the normal curse location in a little bit.

Confession time... I oops with the .1a release.. instead of building the .zip from my release track.. it got built from my test track... and it already has an unofficial update of the lib as the default active processor.

i.e. functionally there isn't any difference in the two updates... and if you don't use any other addons that utilize the libwho library.. there isn't a real need to update. and if you do It probably doesn't matter unless those addons get new updates to reflect the version number differences in the library.

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