New discovery of problem in CensusPlus mod

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New discovery of problem in CensusPlus mod

Post by bringoutyourdead »

Changing the language used in the Wow Client causes a problem for processing on,
it may also cause issues in the game display of data but I need to do testing to be sure.

Rollie and I have blocked people from trying to use the same file for running census in both EU and US regions (Blizzard datacenters)

But we never considered what would happen if someone changed the language they used when playing the game and running CensusPlus.

What is happening is that the processing of the upload hits Race or Class names that are invalid for the language declared in the upload,
and tosses out the data for that Realm/faction/Race or Realm/faction/race/Class.
(And generates error messages in the logs!)

The simple user fix is:
Make sure you upload your data before you decide to change your WoW client language
then PURGE your data to remove all the old info
before you start collecting census data .

I need to spend so time thinking about how to handle this problem in the mod...
The cross region solution is to just force the purge on the user.
I would prefer to give the user a chance to upload before the language change is acknowledged by the mod.
Which means I'll need to block any actual census tracking and toss an error message to the chat window until the user does a manual PURGE.

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