Question re connected realms

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Question re connected realms

Post by Balgair »

Just curious here, sometimes I notice on the Server Submissions page that in a group of connected realms, different realms have different submission totals. For example: the group of Kor’gall, Bloodfeather, Executus, Burning Steppes, Shattered Hand - Bloodfeather currently shows 1 Alliance submission, while the rest show 0.

No connections have been done for a couple of months, so it's not pre-connection data making different results (which I assumed in the past when I noticed this). Someone using an outdated version of CensusPlus maybe? If not, might be a database hiccup someplace, as connected realms should all show the same submissions numbers...

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

Haven't a clue...I'll put that on the research list.. once Metalbeast gets the database stable.

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