Mandatory updates.. a purpose dispite the pain

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Mandatory updates.. a purpose dispite the pain

Post by bringoutyourdead »

I know there have been a lot more mandatory updates is past year then what we would normally see.

Beside the obvious reasons due to changes in data: Race,Class etc. from Blizzard.
And the unfortunate needs due to my errors in programming.. :(

It also has forced almost everyone to actually do clean installs of the addon into their Interface directory.
This has removed almost all the bad Realm data due to translation?coding? issues.
We were getting a number of uploads were whole realms were not being recorded on site due to the fact that the realm names were funky.
Two realms were the most impacted Aggra (Portuguese), and Pozzo dell Eternita [ and yes this is incorrect presentation since the forum software can't handle the special characters either :cry: ].
This was due to their names included 'magic' programming language specific symbols.

For some reason unknown to me some people had their realmlist_EU.lua files corrupted.

I just sent a Private Message to the last known person who was submitting data that required the site to toss the updates as invalid.
I hope the person from Sweden can handle the English text.. and fixes his install.

I never know with people who don't understand the only language I can write.
There is a person who every month or so attempts to become a member, but refuses to provide the information requested.
I have even included a google translation to the PM, but have never gotten a response or a valid membership application. sigh

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