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Have so many players really returned??
[01:12:13] Census+ Finished Taking data. Found 444 new characters and saw 7651. Took 1 Hr 16 Min.
Doing census mainly on Draenor; Raluf - Nimsay - Lusmo - Quixx - Sosyan - Garthog - Trubin - Zalistra - Zesmi and Djaang

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Post by Balgair »

On Draenor, yes, it seems - of course probably all through WoD while everyone wasn't playing, more and more were continuing to transfer over here, off their dead realms, but we didn't notice because it was still relatively low. I'm seeing 6k in the mornings, 11.5k+ at peak times... highest I ever saw at start of WoD (the previous peak) was 8k! Draenor is HUGE now everyone's come back...

Just sort the EU realm stats by size and notice who's biggest lol, 119k characters on Horde (I should run some censuses on Alliance too, there's certainly more than 600 over there, we're not THAT imbalanced :lol: ), I keep having to really harshly prune my file because it's eating tons of memory...

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

look at the activity graphs
and Blizzard said they have sold more then 3.3 million Legion packs

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