Addon changes - types, severity, what will make the cut.

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Addon changes - types, severity, what will make the cut.

Post by bringoutyourdead »

FuxieDK wrote:
bringoutyourdead wrote:The addition of DemonHunters for Alliance and Horde Elf.. will take him a bit more time.
(it is the graphic changes that are the pain in the ....)
While n the process of changing gfx, could we have races/classes sorted like on character creation screen (alpha ascending)?

Both for display and for census taking, please...
The above request got me to thinking about what Must, might, probably won't be changed with CensusPlus.

I thought I should share those thoughts with you.

How are changes classified:

Blizzard Entertainment initiated, New Races, Classes, Levels all will require some work on CensusPlus and
These will always be major and mandatory updates.

Changes that involve improved function of the addon, but do not impact the data collected for upload to
These will be considered as Minor or Maintenance level changes.
If at the Maintenance level these will not be considered mandatory.

Changes that are purely cosmetic in that they neither impact the data nor the function of the addon code will always be considered Maintenance level.. and very low on the priority list.

Interactions between Blizzard (WoW) , the CensusPlus addon , and (database processing and data display):

When Blizzard makes a functional change that impacts census collecting this causes maximum priority work.

Addon functional changes that do not impact uploads to have a higher priority then changes that DO impact the web site.
Getting the web site updated is not an easy task.
While I can do minor tweaks on the site, I can't/won't attempt major changes as the site does not belong to me.

Cosmetic changes that impact only the addon will happen as an aside of other more important change.
Except where the Cosmetic change is impacted by changes Blizzard makes to WoW, these changes will not be done and redone and redone every time Blizzard does their changes.

Examples of changes:
Major changes.. nearly every mandatory change, no need for other examples

Mercenary changes.. were minor changes.. but mandatory due to the potential of data corruption.
Minor changes with major impact.
Connected realms, took months and months of work with a number of addon authors working together to find solutions to the new problems presented by Blizzard.
While the addon was able to be up and running for guild support the web site still doesn't handle guilds properly nor the Connected Realms list.

resume changes.. maintenance, only impacted addon.. but took a long time to implement due to that impact (49 sections of code had to be change.. many times more lines of code.)
The big problem was that each census run does two different but related things.
The collection of character and guild data, and the collection/analysis of class activity.
The former had no problems with stop/resume, the later would be totally broken without those 49 changes.

Cosmetic changes that won't make the grade.
Unfortunately the one requested above falls into this catagory.
Over the live span of Wow there have been 5 new races, in three patches, and three new classes.
Four reworks of both addon and web site for what is nothing more then a visual cosmetic effect is not worth our time.

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