Minor bug in UI

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Minor bug in UI

Post by FuxieDK »

First time (after login) I open UI and starts to move it, "Show Chars" button does not follow the window..
When I drop the window, 1-2 seconds later the button finds its place and from now on, it follows the movement of the window....... until next login..

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

Had not noticed that before.

I think it is an artifact of Connected Realms.

Before those happened, we could always be sure of what realm we were looking at so preloading the census data window before a census run was not a problem.

After Blizzard started Connected Realms we can not be sure what realms we are really looking at until a Census process starts and populates the found realms list.

The Character list button was anchored to the nearest graphic element... which happened to be the tenth Guild entry item.

What is occurring here is that the initial placement is defined by the main XML file. Then when you move the window, the anchor isn't tracking to the guild item (since it doesn't have data yet).

When a Census is running that data happens and the anchor becomes valid.. the button moves to where it should be.
Otherwise there is a low frequency refresh of the window.. that will fix the button condition when you stop moving the window.

Since this is a very minor self correction graphics issue.. I wasn't going to bother fixing... but
in trying to figure out what was really happening.. I ended up changing the anchor point and fixed the issue.

It will be part of the next CensusPlus update.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

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