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completion timer

Post by lothaer »

would it be possible to add a timer thats shows how long until the census is completed?

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Post by DM. »

Not possible because that would require you to know how many players are on the realm and that is something that Blizzard is not going to add.
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Post by xpolockx »

Yeah, the only other thing you could really do is turn on verbose and monitor how quickly the lines are going by, unfortunately.
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Post by Serverhopper »

Although if there are a lot of census data for that server and at least one scan for that hour, cant there be an estimated time that the scan will take based on previous scans for that realm?

Another way to predict how long the scan will take would be to estimate how many other characters will be found based how many characters one race were found of a particular class and that can be compared to average percentage of that race/class, this method can be used even if the server has no data. Whichever class/race is most consistently around the same percentage of the total pop would be best to use for this form of scan time estimation.
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Post by akhtar »

Sorry for the necro...

How about just showing how many who's are currently planned?

Currently you will see:

Sending Who: 70-70

Make it:

Sending Who: <command> (estimated NN remaining)
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Post by Rollie »

The problem is that it's nearly impossible to tell. If I do a /who 70, there are many permutations that might have to be done in order to pare the data down to the number of processable entries, yet you could go 1 - 69 really fast.

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