More WAR census stuff I would like to see....

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More WAR census stuff I would like to see....

Post by Eyeball-Dragonmaw »

I know....I know...

I don't really know how you operate all the sites you do, program, work, play games, and have a family life.....if only I knew how to write programs.

How about adding to the Warcensus the message Please Upload your data to just like in warcraft census?

Also can we see just like in the warcraft census how many submissions in the last 30 days for each faction?

Of course if you want to make a WARhammer site seem more viable to create you could always do Scenario data too, just like Battlegrounds in Warcraft....that might keep you busy....I think there are a total of about 20 scenarios. Everyone might enjoy epeen status if they can show there top healing, dmg in scenarios.

Well thats all I can think of for now....
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Post by Rollie »

Yeah, well, that whole time factor is why my wish list is huge and very few of the items have been getting checked of lately ;p

Do keep the suggestions coming though and I'll do my best =)

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