Add filter to Realm Stats page

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Add filter to Realm Stats page

Post by gaymer »

That is the page I'm referring to on my suggestion. I know people have & still will make realm decisions based on census. Very few people want to go to a dead server and some people prefer to not go to a server that is insanely high populated between both sides. Putting a filter on the page to would help narrow down people's search for information. Specific things to filter would be time zone, language (which is extremely benefical for the EU players who want a server of their language), and server type (pvp, RP, pve, RP-pvp). That simple addition to the realm stats page would be something really great to see and extremely helpful to players and viewers of the site.

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Post by Rollie »

Yeah, an idea we kicked around a while back was a full on server selection process that would ask you questions, get your responses, and then make some suggestions based on those answers and the current data levels.

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