exploratory network analysis

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exploratory network analysis

Post by wintermute »

Hey, I'm interested in doing some visualizations of social nets across server size by guild for visualization in Pajek. One example would be level distrubition between guilds contrasted against guild size and server population maybe also against server level distribution.

If you have any suggestions please contribute! The data provided for download in .csv.gz has mostly just player counts, so I would need a custom db pull, but before I request that I need to figure out what actors and relations would be most interesting to visualize and partition that would also be available in the census db.

This work would be for a gradute course and would result in some pretty nice graphical visualizations that I would share with the community here. This is not for profit, etc, is not funded research.

Any input is more than welcome!


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Post by Rollie »

Shoot me an email, rollie@warcraftrealms.com, let me know exactly what kind of data you need and we'll see what we can do =)

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Post by Akrostychon »

how far is the progress on this topic... would be interesting, as i was doing some NS2 network simulations and markov-modelling in my study-time as well :)

maybe it's also interesting to other users :)