WoW Patch 5.4 Siege of Orgimmar -- mandatory V6.1.0 now up!

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Post by bringoutyourdead »

Shock and Awe... Uploaded the new version of CensusPlus v6.1.0 to curse...
and it was approved and enabled on the site in under 2 minutes.

Either my past upload history has triggered a switch.. or they haven't had many uploads for the new Siege of Orgrimmar patch...

So go grab the file... but remember if in EU land... don't patch your 5.3 client with this version... it is for 5.4 WoW and above only!

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Post by FuxieDK »

Well, you wrote this message, 55 minutes before EU servers was taken down for updates, so not too much to worry about ;-)
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