Guide to configuring UniUploader

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Guide to configuring UniUploader

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After some headaches figuring why the latest version is just not working for some people (turns out by default it now has a lot of options enabled which cause major issues), I thought I'd make a separate thread to the regular UniUploader one, to let people know what settings you need to disable to let it actually work!

First up, UniUploader is currently downloadable at - follow the obvious links from there. Upon installation it asks you to set where your WoW installation is; make sure you do this, or it won't find your files!

Now, the settings: First, turn ON Advanced mode. This gives you a lot more options to play with. Now, in the box labelled "URL: (interface file on the web), put "" - this is the page on this website which Uniuploader interacts with to upload your data.

Remaining on the first tab, turn off "Upload ALL Accounts" - if you leave it on, things just won't work very well (if you have more than one WoW account, you'll just need to upload them separately - also make it over 15 minutes apart, or the first one will be overwritten by the second; this is to prevent accidentally overloading the server with multiple uploads). Click the "Show SVs" button and a bit pops out at the side with a list of the SavedVariables files you have available; check the box next to "Censusplus" so that it uploads the Censusplus data.

Advanced tab doesn't seem to need anything changed, same with Updater, but on Options tab under Additional variables it should have username and password available - use your WarcraftRealms username and password here (if the fields aren't already there you can always go back to the first tab and switch it back to Simple Mode for a minute to get them on the first tab). You will need to uncheck "Send Password Securely" here, since it just doesn't process the password at all if that is checked!

This should cover all the non-obvious settings which need to be changed on the current version - if you're having any trouble, the Server Response tab is often a good way to get an idea of what's going wrong, since it tends to give fairly informative info on whether you got logged in, the server is down, etc.

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what a good idea :)