CensusPlus V6.1.0d is available on Curse.com

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CensusPlus V6.1.0d is available on Curse.com

Post by bringoutyourdead »

pushed to Curseforge, will soon be live on Curse after they do the things they do.

6.1.0d - changes to match reality found with live Connected realms
-- census /take now finds and reports on all member realms of Connected realms
-- mouseover/target finds will add any missed member realms if you find a character after the census run has processed the characters level.

Main CensusPlus window, and end of census run reports display all members of Connected realms.
Since the one census run handles all the realms, there is no need to do separate runs on the other members of the Connected realms.
All characters found via either process will be included in activity reports at http://warcraftrealms.com

-- mouseover/target finds of Coalesced realms continue to be reported in character reports, but not included in the activity reports since these are random finds.

Known caveats

6.1.0d - in addon guild and character reporting needs work for Connected realms. At this time only the local realm guilds and characters are displayed.
Guild and Character data can be found at our web site after the data is uploaded. A future update when more Connected realms go live, will have the data for any selected member realm available in game.