Login Account and Forum changes

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Login Account and Forum changes

Post by bringoutyourdead »

Due to the spammer problem a few changes are being made to the forum system.

In the past a user could use this site to email another user.. we have lots of spammers who don't seem to be doing anything and may be abusing this privilege. As of now this usage of the system is disallowed.

User websites: If your profile listed website isn't related to Blizzard Entertainment games you will be banned. {Sorry for those of you who were promoting personal sites... but the spammers are abusing this.}

We have gone to Admin approval for account setup.. this will cause a delay in allowing you to start posting and submitting data in your name. We didn't want to do this but for now that is what we have.

Account approval process happens multiple times a day (mid-morning to late night PST [GMT-8].)

How not to get your account approved:
using a throw away email
using locations that don't reasonably match your IP locations
and other standard red flag raising things which I can't comment on at this time.